Privacy Policy

    1. Contact details of the person in charge
      1. The responsible for the data collected through this website is GLOBALAVIATION SERVICES CARGO, S.L. and adress TERMINAL DE CARGA DELAEROPUERTO DE MADRID BARAJAS, EDIFICIO DE SERVICOIS GENERALES,OFICINA 401-B, 28042, MADRID (MADRID), CIF B81515280, you can contact theperson in charge by the following email oron the phone 913937410
    2. Identity and contact details of the representative
      1. Silvia Aguilar Parrondo
      1. The company hasn’t appointed Data Protection Officer.
    1. Extended description of the purposes of the processing
      1. Attention to requests made by users, inclusion in the agenda of contacts,provision of services, management of the commercial relationship and,advertising and commercial prospecting. Electronic commerce.
    2. Time limits or criteria for data retention
      1. We will keep the data for as long as it’s necessary to fulfill the request andcomply with legal obligations. The data that you have provided to us will bekept as long as they are necessary for the purposes indicated above, or theywill also be stored for the time required by different applicable laws.
    3. Automated decisions, profiles and applied logic
      1. The data collected through the website will not be used to make automated decisions.
  3. Legitimation
    1. Applicable law
      1. The applicable legislation is RGPD 2016/679 April 27, 2016 and The OrganicLaw LOPD-GDD 3/2018 December 5, 2018
    2. Details of the legal basis for the processing, in cases of legalobligation, public interest or legitimate interest.
      1. Consent of the interested party, facilitated by the acceptance of the terms ofuse of the page.
    3. Obligation or not to provide data and consequences of not doing so.
      1. You are not obliged to provide us with the data, but it is necessary in order tobe able to attend to your request.
  4. Recipients
    1. Recipients
      1. Organizations or people directly related to the company, Public administration with competence in the matter.
    2. Specific Recipients
      1. There are no recipients.
    3. Adequacy decisions, warranties, binding corporate rules or specific applicable situations
      1. They don’t exist.
    4. International transfers
      1. They don’t exist.
  5. Rights
    1. How to exercise the rights of access, rectification, deletion and portabilityof your data, and the limitation or opposition to their processing
      1. The interested party will be able to know, modify, or eliminate the data thatthe company possesses about him/her by means of electronic mail facilitatinghis/her DNI or by postal mail TERMINAL DE CARGA DEL AEROPUERTO DEMADRID BARAJAS, EDIFICIO DE SERVICOIS GENERALES, OFICINA 401-B, 28042,MADRID (MADRID)
      2. The interested party may transfer their data to another entity or limit theexisting data that the company has about them by email providing your ID orby post TERMINAL DE CARGA DEL AEROPUERTO DE MADRID BARAJAS, EDIFICIODE SERVICOIS GENERALES, OFICINA 401-B, 28042, MADRID (MADRID)
    2. Right to withdraw the Consent given
      1. The interested party will be able to withdraw the data that the companypossesses about his person by means of electronic mail facilitating his DNI orby postal mail to the TERMINAL DE CARGA DEL AEROPUERTO DE MADRIDBARAJAS, EDIFICIO DE SERVICOIS GENERALES, OFICINA 401-B, 28042, MADRID(MADRID)
    3. Right to complain to the Supervisory Authority
      1. The interested party may complain to the Spanish Data Protection Agencyabout any incident that may arise.
  6. Origin
    1. Detailed information on the origin of the data
      1. Facilitated by the interested party or his legalrepresentative
    2. Categories of data being processed
      1. Name
      2. Telephone
      3. Email